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The Beginning of the Dream

Several years ago, inspired to give back to the community that had given them so much, Mark and Gina Rudolph embarked on a mission which began with a toy drive they initiated for St. Christopher's Hospital in Philadelphia.

Their goal was to spread happiness to the children at St. Christopher's, and at the same time, be a source of support for their parents and families.

Mark and Gina enjoyed this annual mission immensely, but felt that there was so much more they could do to aid the families of the Delaware Valley. The closer their project brought them to the families in need, the more they discovered they wanted to make a lasting difference in the lives of the children.

From a Dream to Reality

This quest led them to create the Dream Foundation - dedicated to assisting families with ill children and providing them with the moral support and financial help at a time when it is most necessary. All they required was the dream. "We felt that if we could dream it, then we could do it," says Mark. That optimism and philosophy is all that they needed to embark on their dream - and they have no intention of stopping now.

The Future

Mark and Gina have set high goals for the future of The Dream Foundation, including tapping into the corporate and business communities of South Jersey, as well as the general public. The Rudolph's roots in the area run deep and they've nurtured their business and community associations into strong and long-lasting relationships. Through their expansive branches into the Delaware Valley area, the Rudolph's have built a base on which they will construct the future of The Dream Foundation.

They intend to raise funds through corporate donations, local business donations, private donations and the sale of awareness bracelets which will be available at many local businesses.

The monies collected by The Dream Foundation will be used to help families in the Delaware Valley with ill children, strapped and burdened by medical and household bills and not able to make it on their own. The Dream Foundation will provide them with hope, assistance and caring.

The annual toy drive initially began with St. Christopher's Hospital, but plans are in the works to expand this event nationwide.

The Rudolphs hope to raise enough funds to build and remodel homes for families whose financial situations prohibit them from residing in the comfortable and safe living conditions they and their children so deserve and desire. As the Rudolph's so aptly put it, "Dreams do come True,"



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