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You Brought Us Hope…

How do you possibly say thank you to someone that was there for you during the darkest period of your life? When our son was diagnosed with cancer, we were absolutely devastated. As the treatments dragged on, the trips to Children’s Hospital made it impossible to keep up with our bills and be with Evan when he needed us. Mark and Gina were angels and the Dream Foundation was there for us financially and emotionally – we can honestly say we don’t know what we would have done without you. You brought hope to a hopeless time and for that we can never thank you enough.

Mike And Sandra – New Jersey

Some Recent Dream Foundation Testimonials

Dear Gina and Mark,

My experience with The Dream Foundation when my son was gravely ill was very helpful to me and my family when we were in need. Having to be at a hospital all day, 5 to 7 days a week gives no time to retain a job. I needed some supplies to help keep his home safe, and with the foundation, they were able to help me with what we needed to do so. Mark and Gina even went out and did a presentation to his then fourth grade class to help them understand his condition and how they can help families in crisis. We had a very positive experience and appreciate their help at our very dark time. We are so thankful for this organization and will never forget the events and support received.



Dear Gina & Mark,

My daughter Andrea was diagnosed with Kidney disease at the age of 4-1/2. One year later, she was diagnosed with bladder disease. Her diseases have progressively gotten worse, she has been hospitalized over 15 times and has had 8 operations to try and help her. This year, she was diagnosed with Diabetes and celiac disease. Her medical expenses, travel expenses and treatment over the years have continued to increase and have devastated our family financially. Andrea needs another critical surgery last year and we simply weren’t able to pay for it, and didn’t know what we would do. The Dream Foundation heard about Andrea, and they presented us with the money for her surgery. When we couldn’t afford Christmas presents for the kids, they played Santa for our family and made Christmas entirely possible for my children. They are a true testament to how good and kind people are, even though we weren’t looking or asking for help. They save and help countless families who are struggling every day with children’s illnesses, and they let you focus on the most important thing – YOUR CHILD GETTING BETTER! I am eternally grateful to The Dream Foundation for all they have done for Andrea and for our family

Carrie F., Millville NJ

Hi Gina,

My Name is Anette Santos and I am the mother of Miguel Nunez Jr., the first recipient of The Dream Foundation. At the time, Miguel was battling Osteosarcoma, which is bone cancer. I don’t even remember how Mark and Gina found us, but from the moment we met, they were there for my son in so many ways. The Dream Foundation was a blessing because while Miguel was battling the cancer that ultimately took his life, I was laid off from my job, and the Foundation stepped in to help. Mark and Gina were literally angels sent from above. When Miguel passed away, they paid for all of our funeral expenses and even hosted the gathering after his viewing. I will always be grateful to Mark and Gina for all that they did for us during the most difficult time of our lives.

Thanks so much,

Annette Santos, Vineland NJ

Dear Dream Foundation,

Oliver and I have had a very difficult time trying to find the right words to express our gratitude to all of you. One cannot imagine how much you have helped our family during the hardest two years of our lives. Watching our little boy fight for his life has been inspiring and scary all wrapped into one, and all the while, it has been people like you that have made this easier for us. The financial strain is indescribable and your assistance has meant the world to our family. Mark and Gina, you have become angels among us for our family. Thank you for opening your hearts (and checkbooks) to perfect strangers. We hold you in the highest regard, you are no longer strangers, we are blessed to call you friends.
With love and respect,

Oliver and Nicole Keller

You Can Be A Hero

These featured testimonial is just a few examples of the amazing work being done by the Dream Foundation. If you want to be a part of something truly special, please contact us today and help change a life!

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